Complex Property Division

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Divorces or domestic partnership dissolutions involving unusually large community property estates, complex assets and debt, or commingling of substantial separate property assets can present special problems in property division.

The scale of the money involved can also tempt a spouse or partner to conceal assets, undervalue personal and business assets, or make unauthorized transfers.

If your divorce or domestic partnership dissolution presents unusual problems of asset valuation or location, contact Silicon Valley community property division lawyer Merrisa Coleman-Bishop in San Jose. She represents clients in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California, including Sacramento.

Understanding the Complexity of California Community Property Rules

San Jose family law attorney Merrisa Coleman-Bishop is experienced with community property division problems involving the following:

  • One spouse owns a dental, legal, medical practice
  • The spouses or partners own and operate a family business
  • The proceeds of separate property have been commingled during the marriage or partnership
  • One partner or spouse has especially valuable or complicated investment, retirement or pension assets
  • One spouse or partner has a greater investment in the house

With the assistance of forensic accountants and appraisers, Merrisa Coleman-Bishop analyzes the financial statements and asset disclosures in a complex divorce case so that you know what to expect in terms of community property division. She also can spot the signs of unusual account activity or asset transfers shortly before or after the time of the divorce petition, indicating the possibility of concealing community property.

Business Ownership and Valuation in California

In divorce or partnership dissolution cases where one spouse owns a business, property division matters are especially complex. The business owner may have complex business assets in the form of cash and property.

In some situations, dividing the business assets may destroy a business, creating problems for the primary business owner and his or her business partners. Property division attorney Merrisa Coleman-Bishop aggressively protects her clients' interests in these sensitive matters.

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If the scale, complexity or character of your marital or partnership estate is such as to raise doubts about the advisability of any proposed property division agreement, or if you suspect that your spouse or partner has not disclosed all of his or her assets, contact Santa Clara County community property attorney Merrisa Coleman-Bishop for specific guidance about your situation.

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