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Merrisa Coleman-Bishop, an attorney practicing law in the Sacramento County and Bay Area has been in practice 20 years November 23, 2012. Handling family law in Sacramento County and the Bay Area for 17 years almost exclusively, is a resident of Sacramento County with her main office in San Jose California.

In a marriage, children can bring out the best in people and during a divorce, (dissolution of marriage) it can and often does bring out the worst in a individual. Far too often during custody disputes, children can bring out the worst in soon-to-be ex-spouses. Boundary lines are drawn and those things we do during our marriage which are or were overlooked now become issues of contention to justify restricting one parents time with the children. Merrisa Coleman-Bishop helps you focus on what is important in your child custody matter, and we always do what is best for the children. Your children's best interest in Sacramento is what is primary.

When you go through the custody and visitation process in Sacramento County Superior Court, parents cannot let the emotional fallout of divorce cloud their decision-making process. Merrisa Coleman-Bishop, in handling your custody and visitation case stands ready ready to represent you and protect your rights in child custody proceedings, even if your interests can only be resolved in the courtroom. Contact our Sacramento County firm at (916)339-7144.

In the handling of custody and visitation cases in Sacramento County, in handling contested Child Custody Cases, I see children getting lost in the shuffle of dysfunction that spills out in the process of respolving child custody and visitation issues. Their needs are ignored as the parents fight it out in court. Parents often think they have the best of intentions, but a war with each other only puts your child in the middle and the loser is always the child not the parents. Our children are not weapons to be used against the other parent. Our children are our life blood, hope for the future, and individuals who have their entire lives ahead of them. It is up to us to give them every opportunity to flourish and become responsible adults.

In Sacramento County Superior Court, you will be mandated to attend mediation with the other parent. This is required by the Law of The State of California where there is a custody is contested or visitation is contested. In mediation you need to strive to work out a parenting time which is in the best interests of your children, which may not necessarily be what you want for your self. Often in Sacramento County, a father wants more parenting time. One parent or the other may request restrictions which may and can be proposed for supervised visitation. One spouse may want to move away with the children. Another parent may fixate on using the time with children as bartering tool for support. There are wide variety and number of child custody and visitation matters which can surface in a family law case in Sacramento County. We are intimately familiar with the issues and the processes, and can help you focus on your best interests and the present and future well-being of your children.

While we strongly believe that all cases should resolve themselves in contested custody and visitations cases we will not shy away from litigating your custody and visitation dispute if it will not settle. Unfortunately there are some cases which will not resolve informally through mediation in Sacramento County Superior Court. When this occurs, Merrisa Coleman-Bishop is a trained trial attorney and will litigate your custody and visitation case on your behalf. We are experienced litigators and will aggressively litigate a client matter when necessary to do so. In a courtroom, a seasoned and aggressive attorney that keeps the best interests of your children in mind is your best advocate. However, it is your case and if you determine that you do not want to litigate this is your decision and we will always advise you of your options to allow you to make a informed intelligent decision.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer at our Northern California office regarding a child custody dispute or help with a parenting plan, please contact us.

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