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Merrisa L. Coleman-Bishop - Family Law - Domestic Partners

San Jose divorce and domestic partnership attorney Merrisa Coleman-Bishop has practiced family law in Santa Clara County and around Northern California since 1994. Over the years, she has developed a thorough understanding of the California Family Code, the Uniform Parentage Act, and other laws that affect your property rights and family relationships in situations involving divorce, domestic partnership dissolution, and paternity. For specific information about her ability to represent your interests effectively, contact her in San Jose.

Santa Clara County divorce mediation attorney Merrisa Coleman-Bishop recently moved her practice to the beautiful new Guadalupe River Park greenway that winds along downtown San Jose. Her clients find it easier to discuss difficult personal situations in a supportive and confidential atmosphere. As a sole practitioner, Merrisa Coleman-Bishop always works directly with her clients to develop the best understanding possible of their problems, and their goals. You'll find that the alternatives she presents are always fashioned to your unique circumstances and are rooted in solid good sense.

Merrisa Coleman-Bishop is a 1991 graduate of Western State University College of Law in Fullerton. As well as serving clients with problems relating to divorce, child custody, and division of the marital community property, she has worked for years on the leading edge of California's growing recognition of the problems in family law situations, particularly with respect to parental rights.

To find out more about her ability to find an effective solution to your legal situation, contact San Jose family law lawyer Merrisa Coleman-Bishop.

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