Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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If you have limited income and a large amount of unsecured debt in the form of credit cards and unpaid loans, or if your small business is struggling to pay debts and bills, bankruptcy lawyer Merrisa Coleman-Bishop can help decide if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option for you.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy (often called debt liquidation) prevents creditors from seizing assets and property to pay off overdue debts, and can prevent home foreclosure in some cases. Many people can keep their homes and cars if they are able to continue making monthly payments.

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Do You Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In October 2005, the bankruptcy laws were amended, making it more difficult for individuals to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Despite these changes in the laws, however, most people do still qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In order to qualify for Chapter 7, the debtor's income for the last six months must be under the median income for the debtor's geographic area in order to qualify. (For example, in San Jose: $49,182 for individuals, $65,097 for a married couple with no children, or $79,971 for a family of four.)

A second requirement for filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is for the debtor to complete a personal financial management course through an approved agency. The course can be completed online and a certificate of completion can be printed out and given to your bankruptcy attorney at the end of the online course.

Santa Clara County bankruptcy lawyer Merrisa Coleman-Bishop knows how to analyze her clients' debts and assets to determine if they qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If clients are above the median income, she may decide that filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is better option for debt relief.

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Santa Clara County Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Merrisa Coleman-Bishop advises clients on the benefits and consequences of bankruptcy, as well as potential ways to protect assets from prying creditors.

She carefully reviews the financial situations of individuals and businesses that are in financial trouble, and helps them through the bankruptcy process from beginning to the end. She will work with you to achieve the debt relief you need.

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