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Merrisa L. Coleman-Bishop - Family Law - Same-Sex Partnership

Contact Santa Clara County divorce lawyer and domestic partnership attorney Merrisa Coleman-Bishop for advice and representation that fits your unique circumstances, whether you've just been served with a divorce petition, you need advice about your ability to adopt your partner's child, or you've been arrested for DUI.

Merrisa Coleman-Bishop is a 1991 graduate of Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, and she has practiced family law in Northern California since 1994. For additional information about her professional background, click on her name below.

Attorney Profile of Merrisa Coleman-Bishop

San Jose family law attorney Merrisa L. Coleman-Bishop represents persons involved in divorce cases, child custody and community property disputes, and same-sex partnerships, including parent issues. Santa Clara County DUI defense lawyer Merrisa Coleman-Bishop also represents persons charged with crimes and serious traffic violations.

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